5 Methods To Find Local SEO Clients?

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March 30, 2021
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5 Methods To Find Local SEO Clients

Local SEO is all about competing with local businesses around you and getting on the top of search engines. This is a competition not only for the SEO practitioners who are looking for clients but also for businesses who are looking for methods to increase their Google visibility whenever a user searches for their services in the local market.

Everyone who owns a mom-and-pop store or a multi-state enterprise with a brick-and-mortar presence can take advantage of local SEO. Day after day Google is focusing more on local search and reviews. Ultimately this is increasing the competition to stand out in the local 3-pack ranking results.

In addition, the rapid growth of voice and mobile search has increased the difficulty of achieving top-level rankings in the search engine result pages. This is now a good thing that many local business owners are becoming more aware of their business’s local SEO needs.

Do you want to start an SEO agency, an eCommerce store, or want to take your local business online but don’t know where to find the clients or target audience? People may suggest you to start with outbound marketing through cold calling. But to be honest, if you want to start a successful company, the best option is to spend your maximum amount of time on building assets and the sources which will generate leads and build the authority of the brand. 

Here are some ways to get local SEO clients without cold calling.

  1. Do your local SEO with perfection

Isn’t it obvious? However, it has been found that many busy agencies and consultants often forget to focus on their marketing efforts due to continuous working for their clients. We want to inform those owners that you may get work from a few clients at present but in the long run, it may affect your work. 

Think With Google revealed in its stats that 88% of smartphone consumers and 84% of computer consumers use the search engine to find local information.

One should work on his own business’s local SEO whenever he gets the time to do so. This will ultimately increase the chances of attracting inbound leads and you will not have to dig manually.

As far as local SEO is concerned, not only one has to demonstrate their dominant local rankings for getting the confidence of your clients, but it will be a reflection of your strategies that you are going to use for them.

  1. Participate in local networking and business events

In this digital age, face-to-face networking has gone out of fashion and this is probably not surprising. As the traditional form of networking lacks cohesion, purpose, and these events do not have a call to action. But this does not mean that it was not fruitful. Many businesses have benefited from such meetings as this helps in building connections which can be very helpful. 

Further, traditional networking strategies can still be extremely beneficial for some businesses, especially local SEO agencies and local businesses looking for new clients.

But if you think that these forced and awkward interactions will only bring a few connections on LinkedIn, you need to change your approach. Remember one connection can make a pool of connections.

  1. Watch and use the strategies your competitors are using

Every digital marketer or SEO consultant will do competitive research for their business and client’s business to know about their competitors in the market. So, do it properly and use it to make your strategy. The process is simple:

  • Make a list of your nearest local competitors. If there aren’t many in your local area, write on any search engine your service/products + near me or the nearest city or state, eg. ‘digital marketing company near me’, ‘SEO agency in India’, etc.
  • Make case studies on your competitors and collect every single information about them such as their strategy, the tools that they are using, and more
  • Use Google Keyword Planner and create a list of niches similar to those case studies.
  • Now use this list to power new Google searches and start focusing on taking your business to the next level. 
  1. Landing Page Optimization for local search

There are some special aspects of landing page optimization for local search and those are: 

  • Your landing pages must be unique and informative.
  • There must be local signals on the page such as your address, contact number, embedded map, etc.
  • Your Google My Business listings should be optimized.
  • Ask your clients to put reviews on your Google My Business listings and make sure they are positive.
  • Get some great citations and by this, we mean quality rather than quantity.
  • Embed social media on GMB listing to interact with your customers.
  1. Get positive reviews

We live in an entrepreneurial era and we see that every second people are coming up with new brands, businesses, and their respective websites. But only one among them can be in the first rank first page of the search engine results. Google now considers various factors before giving this rank to a website. Referral marketing is the one strategy that was in effect in earlier as well as in modern times. The only thing that has changed is the platform. In earlier times it was the word of mouth that did the task of referring. But nowadays there is a special section made on the websites so that customers can express their experiences. Also, search engines are placing more emphasis on ratings and reviews in their algorithms before ranking the websites on the top. 

Therefore, it is necessary to look for poor reviews of the business. It is an opportunity to approach these prospects with a double focus i.e. for local SEO and reputation management. Nothing gets under the skin of an entrepreneur or marketing director as negative reviews. Well, it is possible that many of them may not be true and you can explain this only to the clients who contact you, not the ones who walk away after seeing them. Thus, the presence of bad reviews can harm your SERPs rankings and ultimately hit the conversion rates. 

Optimizing these mentioned things will bring potential customers directly to your platform. So, choose wisely the company you hire for local SEO for your business. LeCiel is one of the leading local SEO companies and to get in touch visit online or call (toll-free) +91–9888169980.

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