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Facebook Ads Services Bhilai - Leciel Digital Solutions

Facebook ads Services Bhilai

Facebook ads are the way to go when it comes to online marketing. They have been proven time and time again to be very effective in driving leads and sales. In fact, it's said that 80% of people that use Facebook claim that their levels of engagement have increased as a result of using this platform for business purposes.

For this reason companies like Google, Microsoft, and others spend a lot on Facebook Ads.

Hire Facebook Ads Expert

The reason for this is that Facebook Ads are targeted and extremely precise. If you choose the wrong keywords it can lead to zero results.

And if your ads land in front of the wrong people they can lead to disaster. It's a bit like using Google AdWords but with more control and more imagination behind it.

In this article, I'm going to show you how you can employ the use of Facebook ads on your own website or blog and drive thousands of sales using these powerful tools.

Why do you need a Facebook Ads Expert ?

Facebook Ads can be very expensive and some people may not have the skills or knowledge to create the ads themselves, or they may not know how to apply them properly.

The truth is that it takes a lot of time and a bit of creativity to create a successful Facebook Ad. So if you don't know what you are doing and want someone else to do it for you, then I'm your guy. In fact, I've seen many people who should know better hire Facebook Ad designers and developers who don't have the expertise to complete their campaigns nor the experience gained from creating them.

Types of Facebook ads

There are several different types of ads that you can run on Facebook. These include: Sponsored posts, Sponsored stories, Mobile App Installs, Call-to-action buttons, News feed ads, Canvas and Lead ads. Many will be overkill for your particular situation and some may not even be available in your region.

So I'll run through the most popular types of Facebook ads that you can use to get leads from your website and use them to drive sales. ads


Facebook Sponsored Posts

This is probably the most popular ad type on Facebook. It's a standard page update that will appear in people's news feeds. If it appears on a user's newsfeed, a percentage of their friends will see it as well.

Facebook Sponsored stories

This is essentially the same as a Sponsored Post but it's a bit different. Instead of just being available to friends, it will also be viewable by everyone on Facebook. It should be noted that you should include your link or code in this ad, otherwise it won't work.

Mobile App Installs ads

This type of ad is very effective and has helped many thousands of businesses make a lot of money. It's a great way to promote your mobile apps to Facebook users.

Call-to-Action Buttons ads

This type of ad can be used to drive leads to a specific form on your website. If you have a Form on your site which the user fills out, then they will get taken to the next step if they click the call-to-action button.


Facebook News feed ads

This type of ad can be used to drive leads to a video, an infographic or some other image. This is a very effective type of ad that you can use to spread your brand and increase sales.

Canvas Ads Facebook

This type of ad is a great way to display a variety of information. It can include images, videos and text.

Facebook Lead Ad

If you want to capture leads directly from Facebook, this is the best way to do it.

Facebook Lead Ad

If you want to capture leads directly from Facebook, this is the best way to do it.


Get likes on Facebook

Getting likes on Facebook is an incredibly effective way to boost your brand. You can even pay for them if you want to.

Facebook ads cos

When it comes to Facebook ads, much of the cost depends on where you live and what type of audience you're targeting. The more people from a certain location, the more likely it is that you will pay a lot. There are also different types of ads which are more expensive and there are other costs which can include redirects, app uploads, data entry, security checks and so on.

Targeting audience in Facebook ads

It's a very simple thing but it can actually make a big difference. These days when doing Facebook Ads, most people are more likely to see them if you're targeting their country or region. If you're targeting specific age groups, then you will pay even more.

How much should I spend on Facebook ads

The answer depends entirely on a number of factors. If you have a good product, then you can expect it to cost around $1 for each customer who you get to like your page or buy your product. If you're doing a lot of things at once, then it will be more expensive. If you're advertising on a smaller scale, then it will cost much less.


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    Leciel is my P.R. and Facebook ads specialist. They are very professional and dedicated. I have seen tremendous growth and income from my online business by just following their advice. Leciel delivers exactly what they promise. I will continue to work with them in future.
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    I am writing this letter to thank you for your efforts in advertising on Facebook. Your dedication and superb marketing skills has paid off by my business getting huge exposure.
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Next steps

To check if you're eligible to speak with a Facebook Marketing Expert, please log in to Facebook.



Q: Can anyone partner with a Facebook Marketing Expert?

Yes, anyone can partner with a Facebook Marketing expert. If you need the help of a professional, then contact us and we will take care of you.

Q: Who can start this campaign?

Anyone from the general public can access and partner with our Facebook marketing experts. This is because everyone on the internet has a Facebook account. You can start to use our services today.

Q: Who should do Facebook marketing?

Everyone who owns a business can benefit from Facebook marketing. The reason behind this is that Facebook marketing is simple and easy. It is a way for business owners to promote their products on the internet, therefore it can be used by anyone who has a product to sell.

Q: What should I do to get started?

All you have to do is contact Leciel at info@leciel.in and ask for help. They will guide you through the process and take care of your Facebook marketing needs. They will provide you with the right information to make your products, websites, and services popular.

Q: What is the Facebook campaign cost?

The cost depends on what you need and what your budget is. Most of the time, People use daily budget to spread their word about their products. The daily budget will usually range from 200 to 5000.

Q: How long will it take to see results?

You can see results after the next day of your campaign being launched, or sometimes sooner than that.

Q: What are some tips that I should know about?

If you are new to Facebook marketing, then make sure that you read our essential hints and tips guide. These hints will assist you in making the most of your Facebook marketing campaign.

Q: What is the Facebook Marketing Campaign strategy?

Facebook marketing is a way for you to promote your products and services on the internet. This is done by creating advertisements that will have your ad appearing on the pages of users who like your products or have previously bought them.

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Ongoing Facebook Ads Optimizations

ROI on Facebook ads is on the lower side, if factors like Facebook pixel tracking, lead generation, and web conversion are not implemented. Lead Generation is the key to success on Facebook Ads.
Lead Generation on Facebook is very important to get conversions. Adding Call-To-Action (CTA) to your ad will increase conversion rate. Facebook Ads can be used for Lead Generation and Sales.
Facebook has 21.79 billion users and 1.40 billion of them are from India. This means there are 20.39 billion users from all over the world that can be your target audience.
Conversions are depend on type of product you promote. Conversion rate for Facebooks ads will vary based on your niche and product.
The placement of your ad will play an important role in getting conversion. It is recommended to place you ad in the newsfeed of Facebook users.
Audience Analysis
Facebook user demographics are changing and you need to analyze accordingly to get the best results.
Competition Check
Your competitors are using Facebook ads for their promotions, so you need to check their ads and study them.
Click-Through Rate
Click-Through rates are calculated based on how many people have clicked on your ad and how many have converted into a sale.
Settings & Demographics
Settings include campaign name, budget, schedule, audience, location and ad sets. Demographics include user age, gender and interests.