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Google Adwords Services Kurnool - Leciel Digital Solutions


Google ads are a potentially lucrative outlet for business owners. The cost of Google Ads comes down to the more impressions your ad receives. If people click on your ad, Google takes a percentage of each conversion without any upfront costs, which means that your profit margin goes up as long as people click on ads and convert into becoming customers. The cost of getting ads on the search engine results page (SERP) varies depending on your industry and the category your ad is placed in. If you want to spruce up your website with a new design or business card, Google Adwords services are an excellent way to advertise and enhance your company. To get started, you will need to set up a business account through Google Ads to buy ads on various platforms such as YouTube and blogs or websites. The process of buying ads can be overwhelming in the beginning because there are many different options to choose from, but if you look through all the options before making a decision, you will save yourself the headache of spending money unnecessarily.


The best way to get business from Google Adwords Service is to get your website indexed on the first page of Google for a specific keyword or phrase. Because people don't search very often, you have to make sure that they find you when they do. This is why your website should be arranged just right for the keyword phrases you are targeting. This will also give you a boost in traffic from the search engines, which can lead them to click on your ads and making a purchase or gaining new customers. If there are no visitors on your site, people won't click on Google Ads and therefore won't see your ad regardless of how good it looks.


These are ads that appear at the top, sidebar, and/or below the organic results on Google. These ads are created by businesses that pay Google to show ads related to their webpage listing. They sometimes have an icon such as a shopping bag or a magnifying glass next to the company name. If you click on these, it will take you directly to their website without having to look further for it. The more you pay Google, the higher they put your ad so they can get more clicks and convert them into leads or sales for your business.

What is Google Ads?

Now that you know the basics of Google Ads, you want to start using them for your own benefit. Unfortunately, there is quite a lot of information on their website and it can be hard to understand how to get started. Running ads on Google requires you to set up your account and bid every time that you want to run an ad campaign. You have to determine the amount that you are willing to pay for every click and also how often people will be able to view your ad. Your budget is the total amount of money that you are willing to spend in one day for your ads. The more money you spend, the more impressions (people) will see of your ad.


The main reason that you see ads is that businesses are paying Google every time that their ad is clicked. The higher the bid, the more money the company will pay per click. If your bid price per click is higher than everyone else and you are on top of the SERP (search engine results page), then your ad will be placed at the top of the page. However, if your price per click is lower or if someone paid a higher price per click than you did for that specific keyword, then they will show up ahead of you on the SERP. Google Ads decides whether to put an ad in a particular place based on their own algorithm and other factors such as bids and quality scores. When users click the ads, the advertiser pays a certain cost (the cost per click, or CPC), which is calculated according to the below formula:

(Competitor Ad Rank/Your Quality Score)+ 0.01 = Actual CPC

This is where the term Pay-Per-Click (PPC) originates.


The costs of Google Adwords Services are based on a bidding system. To work with this system, you need to think about your pay-per-click (PPC) strategy. Your strategy should be based on how much you are willing to spend and how much you are willing to make in return. When it comes time for your ads to be displayed, Google will decide which ad gets the chance to display itself based on your bid price and quality score. This means that if you have a high-quality score, then your ad will be seen more often than others. High-quality scores mean that people are more likely to click on your ad and convert it into sales or leads for your business.



If you are a business owner, then chances are that you are eager to advertise on Google. The problem is that Google has a bidding system so you can only bid for specific keywords and locations. You need to think about how much lead traffic your business generates, how much the average lead takes each day and what kind of ads appeal to your target customers. Once you decide on your bid price for every keyword combination, this will determine the amount of money someone will potentially pay for every click. Then, you will make sure that your ad performs well on search engines by making sure that it gets the right amount of eyes-on time and leads per click.

There are also overall benefits to having a high quality score:

  • Lower costs– Google rewards advertisers with high Quality Scores by lowering their cost per click (CPC), helping improve ROI.
  • Higher exposure – When you have high Quality Scores, your ads will display more often, in better positions on the SERP—the top vs. the bottom of the page. This enables you to get more clicks and conversions without having to raise your bids.


A tailored Google Ads campaign is the key to bring in quality leads for any business. However, running an effective campaign requires a lot of time and energy. You must spend a lot of time searching for winning keyword combinations, researching your competitors, analyzing your audience, and then setting up ad extensions and modifiers. If you do not have the time or expertise to handle a campaign yourself, then you can rely on Google Ads experts who have the experience necessary to help you reach your goals.


Google Adword services offer an amazing service through their Google Ads Grader. It is a completely free audit that can give you detailed accounts of your ads’ performance.


The performance grader will do a lot more than measure your Quality Score and Click-through Rate (CTR). It will also examine your ad extensions like Callouts, Sitelinks, and Structured Snippets. Additionally, the performance grader analyzes your landing pages to see if they are performing well for sales and leads. It will show you any keywords that are ranking well for your business and how many impressions they get. In addition to this, the performance grader gives you a general summary of the campaigns in a graphical format. This way, you can see what is working and what isn’t. As a result of this audit, we will give you tips on how to improve your ads. We also create Ad Extensions that will help boost your ROI and increase conversions. The results of this audit will also provide recommendations on which ad extensions or keywords to focus on for better results.