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PPC Services Patna - Leciel Digital Solutions


LeCiel is a leading PPC advertising company in Patna. We have been in the market for over seven years now and are continuing to grow our business at a very encouraging pace. We offer all types of services that cater to all levels of customers. PPC(pay per click) is a kind of advertising that works on the basis of pay per click. When someone clicks on your advertisement that is placed at the top or middle of a search page, you get charged for it and when someone who browses a website lands up on your advertisement without clicking, you do not get charged.


What We Promise To Deliver With Our PPC advertising solutions?

Pay-per-click advertising can be an excellent source for generating decent income for you. With us, you are in great hands, since we will always help you with every department of your business. Our customer service team will take care of all your queries and questions too. We will act as your best PPC experts and provide the solutions to your problems every step of the way. We promise that we will attend to all our clients' needs with care and diligence and never make them fall short of their objectives in any manner possible.


PPC Services Includes

Our PPC experts create highly optimized PPC campaigns for your business to drive huge sales.


Creating Targeted Campaigns

We will create your campaign on Google AdWords by using your keywords and ad text. Once we have created the campaign we will start running it till you get the desired results for your business.

Using Optimized Bid Strategy

Our PPC experts use highly optimized bid strategies to get more leads in the minimum amount spent. We will help you get high ROI and effective results through our successful ad campaigns.


Optimizing Existing PPC Campaigns

We will thoroughly examine your existing campaign and fix all the errors. We will check if your keywords are appropriate or not. Basically we will give it a complete makeover from front to back end!

Reporting PPC Performance

We will provide you with detailed reporting on how your campaigns are performing. We have separate packages for the above-mentioned services so that you can choose the best one as per your requirements and needs.

WE ARE LEADING PPC Company in Patna

We have a team of experts who are more than knowledgeable about the industry and have years of experience in pay-per-click services and advertising, which is why we are among the best PPC companies in Patna.

Creating Targeted Campaigns

We will create your campaign on Google AdWords by using your keywords and ad text. Once we have created the campaign we will start running it till you get the desired results for your business. Targeted campaigns will help you to reach your customers in the most effective and accurate way. Amidst online ad campaign formats, PPC is one of the most flexible and scalable options. We build campaigns with the sole objective of driving quality leads for you.

  • We research and select the most effective keywords which can give you maximum conversions with minimum investment. We keep a regular check on ad spends by competition and tweak our campaigns to ensure that we don’t lose out on any opportunities.
  • A well-optimized landing page can greatly boost conversions of your PPC campaign. Our team facilitates the best landing page option through targeted A/B testing of content and call to action buttons, to ensure higher conversions.
  • Our content team creates engaging copy for your campaigns through rigorous A/B testing of multiple ad formats ads. We finally go big bang with only those campaigns which are destined to increase your online revenues.

Optimizing Existing PPC Campaigns

As part of our strategic engagements with brands, we constantly keep optimizing their PPC campaigns to achieve better ROI.

  • We will thoroughly examine your existing campaign and fix all the errors. We will check if your keywords are appropriate or not. Basically we will give it a complete makeover from front to back end!
  • Our team ensures that you get 100% tracking for all the actions done by your customers. Our team tracks every single action done by your customers and provides you with detailed reports on the same, which help you to track conversions as well as other actions in real time.
  • Our web team is adept at adding new features and functionality to existing websites with ease and convenience, which makes it easy for our clients to update their website to function smoothly on PPC platforms. We also promise that we will not charge any hidden charges which are not mentioned anywhere on our website.

We contribute a significant amount of time to the creative developments as well as optimization of campaigns. Being one of the best PPC companies in Patna, we only provide you with the best support and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

PPC marketing is a form of Internet marketing where a company is able to advertise their products or services on the internet by paying as little as a few cent for every click of the ad.
There are basically three types of PPC Marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), and Display Advertising.

Q: What are the AdWords and PPC terms?

AdWords is Google's online advertising network where a business can use keywords or phrases to advertise their products."
Pay Per Click" is when a business makes an advertisement and pays only when someone clicks on their advertisement or "clicks through". With this method, it works similar to placing an ad in one or two newspapers.

Q: What is Google AdWords?

AdWords is a web-based advertising platform where businesses can pay for keyword phrases that are relevant to their keywords to see what websites & search terms people are clicking on. The business can then pay for each click from the ads on each one of these websites & search terms.

Q: What are the advantages of AdWords?

The AdWords application helps businesses decide how much they should spend to reach the audience they want for each campaign, and gives them access to relevant ads based upon searchers' specific interests. This will help you reach your target audience when they are searching online for your product or service in a cost-effective way. Businesses can list as many websites or keywords as they want. In addition, businesses have the option to select which countries they want their ads to appear in.

Q: What is the difference between CPC and CPM?

CPC is the cost per click while CPM is the cost per thousand impressions. The short-term plan, which you select when creating your AdWords campaign, comes with a maximum budget of $10,000 per month. Your daily budget depends on what you select in the campaign settings:
CPC = Cost Per Click
With CPC bidding, several calculations need to be made before an ad is shown. A lower bid will make it more expensive to show it to someone who clicks on it but not necessarily that they'll click on your ad. This means that both CPC and CPM bidding can work in tandem with each other to see which one causes the best results for you.
CPC bidding can be risky, as you could potentially spend a lot of money on a campaign that doesn't bring in much traffic or conversions.
And because you specify the maximum amount you're willing to pay for each click, the ad won't be shown if it's more expensive than your maximum CPC bid.

Q: How much does Google Adwords cost?

The prices of Google AdWords rely upon two factors: your maximum daily budget, and whether you select the Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Thousand Impression (CPM) bidding option. The more money you want to spend each day on clicks, the higher your maximum daily budget must be, unless you select CPM bidding. The lower your bids are based on CPM, the less you'll pay per click.
AdWords costs money for each impression of your ad (CPM), or cost per click on each one of your keywords (PPC). If people don't click on them, no money is spent at all.
There are two factors that affect your costs:
1. Your maximum daily budget.
2. The type of bidding option you select. You can be charged by either CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions).
If you have a maximum daily budget of $10,000, CPC bidding will cost more than CPM bidding does. Also, if the first bid for each keyword is lower than $10 per click, you'll be charged for each one at that rate; otherwise, CPM costing will apply.

Q: What are the differences between SEO and SEM?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of making your website more visible in search engine results. This is done by saying something about your business in an intelligent form so they appear higher on the page. SEM (search engine marketing) is essentially advertising your web page to be seen by people who are searching for exactly what you have. SEM means "search engine marketing" and we know it when we see it.
On their own, SEO and SEM are not unique; in fact, both work toward bettering a site or a product or service. It's when you put them together that you get the best results.

Q: What is an ad group?

An Ad Group is simply a container that allows AdWords to place your ads and keywords into different groups, which helps in organizing and marketing your adverts. An Ad Group is where you structure your particular ads; It's easy to create at the beginning of any given campaign and helps to focus on what parts of your business need focusing upon. Ad Group is a way to organize your different ads that are focused on the same product, service or message. There are two types of ad groups: keyword-based and ad-based.
AdGroup Targets
An Ad group can be targeted in several ways. You can choose the people you want to see your ad; you can choose a specific place to show your ad and you can choose a device (smartphone, tablet or computer).

Q: What is the difference between the long-term and short-term AdWords plans?

The long-term plan is made up of a monthly spend limit, requiring you to pay for both your clicks and cost per thousand impressions (CPM), whereas the short-term plan is deducted from your daily budget when someone clicks on an ad.
AdWords has now made it possible to get detailed messages about keyword ranking & advertising status with one click of a button.

Q: What is the importance of a landing page in a PPC campaign?

TLanding pages are like the page you first see when someone clicks on your ad. They have three basic tasks:
1. Building trust with customers
2. Capturing leads
3. Selling additional products or services